Evil only exists within the mind

If we believe God is purely good and that God is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent then how can evil exist? Some have defined evil as an unreality as being the absence of good like darkness is the absence of light but if that is true then God being goodness itself would not be omnipresent. If there is nowhere that God is not how can there be an absence of good? If we believe these things about God then the logical conclusion is that evil does not actually exist.

It is believing in evil that causes evil to manifest. Hitler demonized the Jewish people. The Puritans demonized people, mainly women, that did not live up to community standards and persecuted them as witches. In the New Testament gospels it was the religious leaders that condemned Jesus for blasphemy and even claimed his miracles was from the power of the devil. The Islamic fundamentalist demonize the west and try to kill the “infidels” and it was the Christian church in the dark ages that persecuted, tormented and killed people in horrible ways for being what they deemed to be evil.

A lot of preachers demonize people in society today and attribute particular behaviors as being demonic. On one end of the spectrum you have religious people saying that you have to have pure thoughts or any sexual thought is lustful and therefore a sin. They make people feel guilty for having normal human desires and demonize bodily functions. On the other end of the spectrum you have people that believes that anything goes that nothing matters. It is the religious peoples demonizing of normal desires and others that creates those desires in people, that is why often times it is the preachers children that turn out to be the most sinful. When people are taught to feel guilty for being human they rebel against the authority that makes them feel inferior. By condemning people and demonizing what is natural we create the evil in the world but in reality even the so called perceived evil works towards the good therefore it too is good.

In reality people that demonize others are only seeing their own perspective reflected back to themselves. Everything we see is seen through the lens of our own biases and prejudices; we see life through the lens of our own perspective. It is our own heart that we see in others. If we have a clear mind all we see is God in everything even in Hitler. The only evil that exists is peoples perception of it.There is no such thing as evil it is pure illusion. Even the most heinous crimes work towards the good. If God is purely good and created the world and deemed it as good how can evil exist? It was when man ate the metaphorical fruit of the knowledge of good and evil that he began to see some things as good and other things as evil and that is when evil manifested into the world. If we all collectively stopped judging anything and saw everything as good evil would completely disappear and their would be peace on earth. For evil to exist it requires people to believe in it.

The so called fall of humanity is not in the bible. That term is not found in the scriptures but people have talked about it so much we think of humanity as having fallen from God’s will but the so called fall never happened. In the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden it was God that placed the tree in the center of the garden and told them not to eat of it knowing that they would do just that. Man coming to the knowledge of good and evil was part of the plan all along, it is part of mans spiritual evolution. When we are in our infancy we are pure and innocent and as we grow we have a change of perspective based on what we are taught by our parents and the society we live in. This creates the knowledge of good and evil within ourselves and we see things as being evil based on what we have been taught and it is up to us to work through the illusion and when we do we return to our original state of existence and it is all for our good because what we had as children we did not realize but when we return and complete the cycle we then know what we have. We start out as babes and we return as adults with a mature understanding and appreciation of life and existence therefore the entire journey is good. It is all part of our growth and development.

May you see past the illusion of the divided mind.


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