What we call sin is only a mental concept as are the concepts of good and evil. It was eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil that facilitated the fall of humanity. In the fall man became split within himself seeing some things as good and others as evil. They were naked in the garden and were not ashamed. Their nakedness was not a sin before the fall and after what was once innocent became an evil in their eyes. When we prohibit certain desires or actions the more energy we give that desire. The more we resist the greater the temptation. The reason for this is because we are both tempter and the one that is tempted. As we resist desire the energy we use to resist is the same energy that the temptation arises from. A push in one direction is a pull from the other.

The way out of this inner conflict is to stop judging ourselves. We can use the principles that Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7 to overcome this conflict if we internalize them. Jesus teaches not to resist evil, ‘if your enemy slaps you on the cheek turn to him the other also’; he also teaches that we should not judge others therefore we do not judge ourselves in these matters, whatever it may be we wrestle with. Internally we perceive these desires as our inner enemy. When we are attacked do not resist and do not judge this perceived enemy. In reality there is no enemy because it is our own self turned in on ourselves. Do not resist and do not judge only observe with love and tolerance for self. This is what St. Paul describes in Romans as living by Grace.

As we apply this to whatever area we struggle with we begin to see that we are something that is beyond this inner conflict. We begin to notice that we are the observer of the battle and not a participant. The more we begin to recognize this the more the energy that creates the battle subsides. We then realize that all of this is only happening on the mental plane and that we are something beyond the mind. We begin to stop identifying with the mind. Eventually  the conflict will completely dissipate at which point the mind will become clear. Just as when we meditate we observe the thoughts without interfering with them and simply observe with non judgmental detachment, we do the same thing in observing certain behaviors with non judgmental detachment. This is meditation in action. Performing actions without attachment to the outcome. It is the way of escape.

That which we actually are, beyond the mind and beyond the conflict that happens only on the mental plane, is the inner man, the Self; that fragment or particle that is nothing separate from the Divine and can never be touched by sin. As long as we identify with the mind and are caught up in the battle we create conflict within our lives. We are the creators of our own heaven and hell. Once we are thoroughly grounded in this realization of our true Self we have overcome the world and the things of it for we have transcended duality and recognize all as One single energy coming from One single source that we are nothing separate or apart from. We are the one doing it to our self. This whole thing is nothing more than a mind game we are playing on ourselves. It is like waking up from a bad dream and realizing it was only a dream and that everything is actually okay.

May you realize your Self and inherit the Peace that surpasses understanding.

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