Evil only exists within the mind

If we believe God is purely good and that God is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent then how can evil exist? Some have defined evil as an unreality as being the absence of good like darkness is the absence of light but if that is true then God being goodness itself would not be omnipresent. If there is nowhere that God is not how can there be an absence of good? If we believe these things about God then the logical conclusion is that evil does not actually exist.

It is believing in evil that causes evil to manifest. Hitler demonized the Jewish people. The Puritans demonized people, mainly women, that did not live up to community standards and persecuted them as witches. In the New Testament gospels it was the religious leaders that condemned Jesus for blasphemy and even claimed his miracles was from the power of the devil. The Islamic fundamentalist demonize the west and try to kill the “infidels” and it was the Christian church in the dark ages that persecuted, tormented and killed people in horrible ways for being what they deemed to be evil.

A lot of preachers demonize people in society today and attribute particular behaviors as being demonic. On one end of the spectrum you have religious people saying that you have to have pure thoughts or any sexual thought is lustful and therefore a sin. They make people feel guilty for having normal human desires and demonize bodily functions. On the other end of the spectrum you have people that believes that anything goes that nothing matters. It is the religious peoples demonizing of normal desires and others that creates those desires in people, that is why often times it is the preachers children that turn out to be the most sinful. When people are taught to feel guilty for being human they rebel against the authority that makes them feel inferior. By condemning people and demonizing what is natural we create the evil in the world but in reality even the so called perceived evil works towards the good therefore it too is good.

In reality people that demonize others are only seeing their own perspective reflected back to themselves. Everything we see is seen through the lens of our own biases and prejudices; we see life through the lens of our own perspective. It is our own heart that we see in others. If we have a clear mind all we see is God in everything even in Hitler. The only evil that exists is peoples perception of it.There is no such thing as evil it is pure illusion. Even the most heinous crimes work towards the good. If God is purely good and created the world and deemed it as good how can evil exist? It was when man ate the metaphorical fruit of the knowledge of good and evil that he began to see some things as good and other things as evil and that is when evil manifested into the world. If we all collectively stopped judging anything and saw everything as good evil would completely disappear and their would be peace on earth. For evil to exist it requires people to believe in it.

The so called fall of humanity is not in the bible. That term is not found in the scriptures but people have talked about it so much we think of humanity as having fallen from God’s will but the so called fall never happened. In the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden it was God that placed the tree in the center of the garden and told them not to eat of it knowing that they would do just that. Man coming to the knowledge of good and evil was part of the plan all along, it is part of mans spiritual evolution. When we are in our infancy we are pure and innocent and as we grow we have a change of perspective based on what we are taught by our parents and the society we live in. This creates the knowledge of good and evil within ourselves and we see things as being evil based on what we have been taught and it is up to us to work through the illusion and when we do we return to our original state of existence and it is all for our good because what we had as children we did not realize but when we return and complete the cycle we then know what we have. We start out as babes and we return as adults with a mature understanding and appreciation of life and existence therefore the entire journey is good. It is all part of our growth and development.

May you see past the illusion of the divided mind.




What we call sin is only a mental concept as are the concepts of good and evil. It was eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil that facilitated the fall of humanity. In the fall man became split within himself seeing some things as good and others as evil. They were naked in the garden and were not ashamed. Their nakedness was not a sin before the fall and after what was once innocent became an evil in their eyes. When we prohibit certain desires or actions the more energy we give that desire. The more we resist the greater the temptation. The reason for this is because we are both tempter and the one that is tempted. As we resist desire the energy we use to resist is the same energy that the temptation arises from. A push in one direction is a pull from the other.

The way out of this inner conflict is to stop judging ourselves. We can use the principles that Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7 to overcome this conflict if we internalize them. Jesus teaches not to resist evil, ‘if your enemy slaps you on the cheek turn to him the other also’; he also teaches that we should not judge others therefore we do not judge ourselves in these matters, whatever it may be we wrestle with. Internally we perceive these desires as our inner enemy. When we are attacked do not resist and do not judge this perceived enemy. In reality there is no enemy because it is our own self turned in on ourselves. Do not resist and do not judge only observe with love and tolerance for self. This is what St. Paul describes in Romans as living by Grace.

As we apply this to whatever area we struggle with we begin to see that we are something that is beyond this inner conflict. We begin to notice that we are the observer of the battle and not a participant. The more we begin to recognize this the more the energy that creates the battle subsides. We then realize that all of this is only happening on the mental plane and that we are something beyond the mind. We begin to stop identifying with the mind. Eventually  the conflict will completely dissipate at which point the mind will become clear. Just as when we meditate we observe the thoughts without interfering with them and simply observe with non judgmental detachment, we do the same thing in observing certain behaviors with non judgmental detachment. This is meditation in action. Performing actions without attachment to the outcome. It is the way of escape.

That which we actually are, beyond the mind and beyond the conflict that happens only on the mental plane, is the inner man, the Self; that fragment or particle that is nothing separate from the Divine and can never be touched by sin. As long as we identify with the mind and are caught up in the battle we create conflict within our lives. We are the creators of our own heaven and hell. Once we are thoroughly grounded in this realization of our true Self we have overcome the world and the things of it for we have transcended duality and recognize all as One single energy coming from One single source that we are nothing separate or apart from. We are the one doing it to our self. This whole thing is nothing more than a mind game we are playing on ourselves. It is like waking up from a bad dream and realizing it was only a dream and that everything is actually okay.

May you realize your Self and inherit the Peace that surpasses understanding.


 “If thine eye be single thy whole body shall be filled with light”

There can be no contradictions

The entire being has to be singular in purpose

One intent, One thought, One love, One devotion

Single pointed focus

I saw God in a single point of light!

One singular Love

  Then the two merge as One singular motion in bliss!

Where are the opposites?

Where are any contradictions?

All has been dissolved in the One

The lover has been lost in the beloved

One nature, One essence, One being


Harmonizing the Opposites

Reality is created by the interplay of opposites. Masculine-feminine, life-death, up-down, forward-backward, health-sickness, positive-negative, and on and on. These pairs exist within everyone and everything. When we see these opposites as two separate contradictory forces we are in duality. Almost everyone lives within this mental paradigm of duality. We are attracted to one thing but repelled by another. This paradigm, this perspective is nothing more than a mental projection. It only exists within the mind but we perceive it to be real. It is the projection of a mind divided against itself. This is why people form clicks, the in group vs. the people outside the group. It is the reason people make distinctions between self and other. This is the reason for all wars, crime and all forms of bigotry. This projection of the mind is what creates the illusion of the ego as being something separate from and in opposition to the world around it when in reality the positive and negative forces in our life are two ends of the same spectrum. What we perceive as evil is a natural behavior that leans too far to one end of the spectrum. Every virtue can become a vice, everything that is beneficial and good can become an evil when taken to excess and we get out of balance and are divided within ourselves.

The reason we feel this division within ourselves is because we have contradictions within ourselves and these contradictions are based upon our false beliefs, biases and misunderstandings of reality. Fear is the main barrier that keeps us within these limited parameters. There is a principle that is the foundation of life itself and runs through all of existence and it is within each and every one of us within the deepest part of our being which is within our heart. When we have beliefs and actions that are contrary to this inner principle we feel divided and the division we feel within ourselves is what creates the illusion of duality. All we ever actually see is the reflection of our own mind. This inner principle is love, the one thing we all want at our deepest level. It is our own ignorance and egotism that causes us to live in contradiction to this principle which is our inner most self and creates these false dichotomies which keep us trapped within a false reality.

The way out of this paradigm is to harmonize the opposites within our self on each plane of our existence; physical, mental, and spiritual. We do this by finding the balance between the extremes in our life. For example, if we do not eat enough food we suffer from malnutrition. Likewise, on the other end of the spectrum if we overeat regularly we can become obese and again we suffer. The answer lies between the extremes of not eating and overeating which is a healthy balanced diet. We have to do this in all areas of our life. We harmonize the opposites on the physical plane of our existence by finding this balance not only in our dietary habits but also in every other area; working but not overworking, sleeping enough but not sleeping too much, being active but not overactive. We must also give up whatever compulsive behaviors we might have; our unhealthy habits.

We can harmonize the opposites on the mental plane by trying to see all people as being equal. We all have strengths and weaknesses, none is any better than the others. We might have strengths in one area of life while someone else has strengths in another area of life, and the same goes for our weaknesses. There are things we can learn from everyone and all groups of people. Within every group of people and every person there is both truth and falsehood, we have to learn to distinguish one from the other. Reading, studying scriptures, and contemplating can help us to realize this more and more. We have to be open to see what we can learn from the whole of existence, that includes all peoples, races, religions, and cultures. We have to be honest enough to accept what is true no matter where we find it and to discard that which is false. The test for this is if any belief is in alignment with truth it will express the inner principle of love which is always beneficial to all of life. If it is not beneficial to the whole of life and sets one individual or group of people apart as being better or more valuable than others it is false and therefore should be discarded. Not only should we apply this rule in our study of other beliefs and cultures but even more so should we apply this criteria to ourselves. Anything that is within our attitude, beliefs, or actions that is not an expression of love for others and sees all as being equal should be considered a false belief and discarded.

On the spiritual plane we can put different spiritual practices to work for us that is very beneficial in harmonizing ourselves by applying virtues to our life such as forgiveness, showing kindness, mercy, and tolerance towards others. Compassion goes a very long way in opening our eyes to the reality that we are all created equal. This is the end to which applying the teachings of Jesus Christ takes us. All of the teachings of Christ can be summed up in the golden rule; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We have all heard this before but do we actually practice it? We can put these into practice by contributing our resources to charity and by volunteering. Two examples of exemplary people in the twentieth century that epitomized this was Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi and Mother Teresa. They were the living embodiments of lovingkindness, tolerance and compassion. Another practice we can incorporate into our life that will carry us very far towards stepping out of duality is contemplative prayer. St. Paul tells us to keep our mind set on things above and not on things below, (Colossians 3:2). There are different techniques to doing this among which are contemplating scripture, another is to focus on an object of love, it could be your children, spouse, a parent, friends, or God. The goal is to actually feel the love you focus on. When we feel love in our heart we can gradually expand that feeling to incorporate all of life, the whole of existence.

These are not steps to be taken one at a time but practices that we can form into habitual patterns in all areas of our life simultaneously. It is the spiritual life and it encompasses the whole of our being. As we begin to incorporate these practices regularly we will begin to have a feeling of wholeness and a sense of wellbeing. We will begin to feel good about ourselves and the world around us. Little by little our perspective will begin to change and we will experience a paradigm shift, our mental parameters will begin to disappear and our mind will become clear of all obstructions and misconceptions. We will feel at peace with the whole of life and develop a sense of Oneness and Unity with all that is. We will have peace beyond peace and joy beyond joy. We will be in alignment with our innermost being and we will be One.

My Peace I give to you.







Spiritual Journey

There are three planes of existence, the physical body, the mental/emotional, and the spirit which is our inner most being, our inner man, which is in our heart of hearts.

On the physical plane we experience carnal desires, we desire food, clothing, shelter, etc. There is nothing wrong with these desires in and of themselves, they are natural it is only when carnal desires become inordinate that they become sinful.

On the mental plane we experience our emotions, the ego what we identify as self, our sense of self-hood, that which makes us uniquely individual, our personality traits, our learned behaviors, etc. The word personality comes from the word persona which literally means mask. Our personality, our ego, that which we identify as our self is a mask we wear. It is not our real self it is the amalgamation of our conditioned beliefs and learned behaviors.

On the plane of the spirit we exist beyond our carnal desires, beyond our intellectual mind, the emotions, the ego. Our spirit cannot accurately be described but we can say it is that fragment of God, the divine spark, the very image of God within us.

When God created man, He breathed into man the breath of life and man became a living soul, (Genesis 2:7). The word spirit means breathe, which is our very life itself. On the level of spirit, we are connected to God. When man was separated from Grace in the garden it was not a physical separation for God is spirit (John 4:24) and therefore there is nowhere that God is not. The separation that occurred was within man’s conscious awareness. Man became blind to the presence of God and was only aware of himself, it is a spiritual blindness.

In the separation man was cut off from God internally and simultaneously he was cut off from the essence of his own being. From that point man only lived on the two lower planes of existence exclusively identifying with the ego and the physical body with its carnal desires.

Egotism is defined as an exaggerated sense of self-importance. It was in mans egotism that he disobeyed God when the fall occurred. The serpent tempted man and said if they did eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil they would become like God. It is a subtle lie because they were already created in Gods image and likeness. The serpent made them think they were missing what in reality they already possessed. In that moment a separation occurred within their consciousness between self and God. That was the separation, the fall itself.

We are born into the world pure in our consciousness, as we grow we are told things by the authority figures in our life such as parents, teachers, preachers. Also, we receive information based on our race, culture, the religion we grow up in and from our personal experiences. Sub-consciously we take all this information and process it and we form a conclusion about ourselves, God, and the world around us. This is the development of the ego, the idea we have of ourselves that only exists within our mind. In reality the ego does not actually exist for it is only an idea that was put in our mind by false information told to us by the world; It is a lie, a deception. This is the condition of humanity trapped in a prison of the mind. Most people are oblivious to this they do not realize they are even in a trap.

Humanity is so totally identified with this illusion of self, this idea of me, to the degree that they go against Gods law which is Gods very nature itself which is Love. This is the egotism of man and it is rooted in prideful arrogance. They do not realize it but this is the worship of a false god, that which in reality is no god at all because it is pure illusion. Nothing more than a false concept, a self-deception.

The way to escape this prison is through obedience to Gods Word which is Christ Himself. As we receive knowledge of Gods Word coming from outside ourselves; the good news, the gospel. The Word speaks to that deepest part of ourselves that exists on the plane of spirit; deep calls to deep (Psalms 42:7). The Word of God penetrates the heart of man (Hebrews 4:12) and speaks to the spirit that image of God within man that is unrecognized and thus dormant or dead. Just as a seed lies dormant within the ground until its season at which time it comes to life and begins to grow so too the spirit the inward man, which is the seed, the image of God within us begins to grow as it receives the nourishment of the Word which is alive and active.

We have all followed after the ego and corrupted our natural carnal desires. An image of this is seen in the image of the three crosses on Calvary. They represent the three planes of our existence. Christ is crucified between two thieves. Christ represents the inward man, the spirit, the unrepentant thief represents our carnality, the ego along with its sinful desires, there is enmity between the flesh, or ego, and the spirit (Galatians 5:17). The repentant thief represents our soul which followed after the flesh and is guilty but turns to the Word in repentance and finds forgiveness. They are thieves because the thief comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10). The thief binds the spirit and plunders the house of God; suppressing the truth in unrighteousness; egotism (Mark 3:27, Romans 1:18).

As we obey Gods Word we encounter resistance and the resistance we encounter is caused by the ego resisting or wrestling with God. Each time we successfully work through this resistance, examining the root cause behind the resistance, we grow spiritually and the ego decreases. We do this over and over as we obey Gods Word little by little the ego diminishes more and more. As we, the ego, the false idea we have of ourselves, decreases He increases within us (John 3:30,31). This is the process of our spiritual transformation; the new birth. In this process we unravel all of the false information we have received, the pattern of this world, about our existence and we are transformed from within; the renewing of our mind (Romans 12:2).

As we grow in this process of regeneration we become aware of our connection to God which is Christ within us. This is the resurrection from the dead for we were all dead in our sins and trespasses, our egotism (Ephesians 2:5). God in His mercy has given us Grace which is Christ, the only begotten Son, it is He that is resurrected within us giving us His very life which is eternal for God is eternal; We partake in the Divine nature (2 Pete 1:4).

As we grow in the process of this resurrection our eyes begin to open and we begin to see the truth, this reality of we being in God and God being within us. When our eyes open we receive our spiritual sight, the scales fall off, the end result being our transformation, our restoration to our original state of Grace walking hand in hand with God who is our very life itself, the essence of our being, the innermost man. Beyond this there are no words that can describe it because there is no longer a separation between self and God. We become fully aware of our life in God; He in us and we in Him (John 14:20). This is the actual Truth. This is the journey of our liberation; our restoration. It is in knowing the truth that sets us free. Our separation from God is only an illusion a misconception on our part based on the lies told to us by the world.

May it give you rest within your soul.