Spiritual Journey

There are three planes of existence, the physical body, the mental/emotional, and the spirit which is our inner most being, our inner man, which is in our heart of hearts.

On the physical plane we experience carnal desires, we desire food, clothing, shelter, etc. There is nothing wrong with these desires in and of themselves, they are natural it is only when carnal desires become inordinate that they become sinful.

On the mental plane we experience our emotions, the ego what we identify as self, our sense of self-hood, that which makes us uniquely individual, our personality traits, our learned behaviors, etc. The word personality comes from the word persona which literally means mask. Our personality, our ego, that which we identify as our self is a mask we wear. It is not our real self it is the amalgamation of our conditioned beliefs and learned behaviors.

On the plane of the spirit we exist beyond our carnal desires, beyond our intellectual mind, the emotions, the ego. Our spirit cannot accurately be described but we can say it is that fragment of God, the divine spark, the very image of God within us.

When God created man, He breathed into man the breath of life and man became a living soul, (Genesis 2:7). The word spirit means breathe, which is our very life itself. On the level of spirit, we are connected to God. When man was separated from Grace in the garden it was not a physical separation for God is spirit (John 4:24) and therefore there is nowhere that God is not. The separation that occurred was within man’s conscious awareness. Man became blind to the presence of God and was only aware of himself, it is a spiritual blindness.

In the separation man was cut off from God internally and simultaneously he was cut off from the essence of his own being. From that point man only lived on the two lower planes of existence exclusively identifying with the ego and the physical body with its carnal desires.

Egotism is defined as an exaggerated sense of self-importance. It was in mans egotism that he disobeyed God when the fall occurred. The serpent tempted man and said if they did eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil they would become like God. It is a subtle lie because they were already created in Gods image and likeness. The serpent made them think they were missing what in reality they already possessed. In that moment a separation occurred within their consciousness between self and God. That was the separation, the fall itself.

We are born into the world pure in our consciousness, as we grow we are told things by the authority figures in our life such as parents, teachers, preachers. Also, we receive information based on our race, culture, the religion we grow up in and from our personal experiences. Sub-consciously we take all this information and process it and we form a conclusion about ourselves, God, and the world around us. This is the development of the ego, the idea we have of ourselves that only exists within our mind. In reality the ego does not actually exist for it is only an idea that was put in our mind by false information told to us by the world; It is a lie, a deception. This is the condition of humanity trapped in a prison of the mind. Most people are oblivious to this they do not realize they are even in a trap.

Humanity is so totally identified with this illusion of self, this idea of me, to the degree that they go against Gods law which is Gods very nature itself which is Love. This is the egotism of man and it is rooted in prideful arrogance. They do not realize it but this is the worship of a false god, that which in reality is no god at all because it is pure illusion. Nothing more than a false concept, a self-deception.

The way to escape this prison is through obedience to Gods Word which is Christ Himself. As we receive knowledge of Gods Word coming from outside ourselves; the good news, the gospel. The Word speaks to that deepest part of ourselves that exists on the plane of spirit; deep calls to deep (Psalms 42:7). The Word of God penetrates the heart of man (Hebrews 4:12) and speaks to the spirit that image of God within man that is unrecognized and thus dormant or dead. Just as a seed lies dormant within the ground until its season at which time it comes to life and begins to grow so too the spirit the inward man, which is the seed, the image of God within us begins to grow as it receives the nourishment of the Word which is alive and active.

We have all followed after the ego and corrupted our natural carnal desires. An image of this is seen in the image of the three crosses on Calvary. They represent the three planes of our existence. Christ is crucified between two thieves. Christ represents the inward man, the spirit, the unrepentant thief represents our carnality, the ego along with its sinful desires, there is enmity between the flesh, or ego, and the spirit (Galatians 5:17). The repentant thief represents our soul which followed after the flesh and is guilty but turns to the Word in repentance and finds forgiveness. They are thieves because the thief comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10). The thief binds the spirit and plunders the house of God; suppressing the truth in unrighteousness; egotism (Mark 3:27, Romans 1:18).

As we obey Gods Word we encounter resistance and the resistance we encounter is caused by the ego resisting or wrestling with God. Each time we successfully work through this resistance, examining the root cause behind the resistance, we grow spiritually and the ego decreases. We do this over and over as we obey Gods Word little by little the ego diminishes more and more. As we, the ego, the false idea we have of ourselves, decreases He increases within us (John 3:30,31). This is the process of our spiritual transformation; the new birth. In this process we unravel all of the false information we have received, the pattern of this world, about our existence and we are transformed from within; the renewing of our mind (Romans 12:2).

As we grow in this process of regeneration we become aware of our connection to God which is Christ within us. This is the resurrection from the dead for we were all dead in our sins and trespasses, our egotism (Ephesians 2:5). God in His mercy has given us Grace which is Christ, the only begotten Son, it is He that is resurrected within us giving us His very life which is eternal for God is eternal; We partake in the Divine nature (2 Pete 1:4).

As we grow in the process of this resurrection our eyes begin to open and we begin to see the truth, this reality of we being in God and God being within us. When our eyes open we receive our spiritual sight, the scales fall off, the end result being our transformation, our restoration to our original state of Grace walking hand in hand with God who is our very life itself, the essence of our being, the innermost man. Beyond this there are no words that can describe it because there is no longer a separation between self and God. We become fully aware of our life in God; He in us and we in Him (John 14:20). This is the actual Truth. This is the journey of our liberation; our restoration. It is in knowing the truth that sets us free. Our separation from God is only an illusion a misconception on our part based on the lies told to us by the world.

May it give you rest within your soul.



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